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Where in the World is Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln’s legacy spread around the globe, both during his lifetime and after his assassination.  His influences are manifest on all the continents in the world. Anywhere a person travles, there will be some testimony to the mark he made on all people.

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Documents, Articles and Videos from “Where in the World is Lincoln?”


Dr. De-min Tao on Lincoln’s Influence on East Asia

Golden Gate Castaway-Story of Joseph Heco

Over One Hundred Lincoln Documents Found in Tokyo

To the Senate: Inquiry into the death of General Frederick T. Marsh in China

Lincoln to Stanton regarding shipments of powder to Henry G. Marsh

Lincoln to the King of Siam

Ten Year Anniversary of “Lincoln Corners” in Kuala Lumpur

Video on “Comparing Gandhi and Lincoln



Article Comparing Lincoln and Mandela

Racist Copperhead Pamphlet

Lincoln Letter to the King of Egypt

Lincoln Proposes Gun Boats to Liberia

Op Ed on Lincoln as Founding Father in Liberia by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf



Tolstoy Holds Lincoln’s World’s Greatest Hero

Lincoln’s Request of Russian Ambassador to Report on “Serfs, Serfdom and Emancipation in Russia.”

Lincoln’s 1852 “Resolution in Behalf of Hungarian Freedom”

Count Von Bernstorff 1912 Speech “Lincoln as Germany Regarded Him”

Henry Ward Beecher Letter with Lincoln Notes Found in Switzerland

Letter to Lincoln from Giuseppe Garibaldi

Reply to Workingmen of Manchester (January 19, 1863)

Karl Marx’s Congratulatory Letter to Lincoln


Latin_America_(orthographic_projection)_svgLatin America

Jose Marti’s “Nuestra America”

Was Lincoln an Inspiration for Marti?

Letter to Mexico’s Benito Juarez

Article on Juarez-Lincoln connection 

To learn more about about Global Lincoln “travel” through these two resources:

tns_inytodlp_170x170-75Global Lincoln on Itunes University

In 2009, Gilder Lehrman Institute held a conference titled “Global Lincoln” at the University of Oxford. Papers were delivered by leading intellectuals and public figures examining the meanings which peoples from across the world drew from Lincoln. You can choose from sixteen lectures from leading historians with an approximate listening time of twenty five minutes. (My personal favorite was Adam Smith’s “Abraham Lincoln and the English Imagination.” You’ll delight in his wit!)

Global Lincoln

 The Global Lincoln by Richard Carwandine and Jay Sexton

This book compiles some of the papers presented in 2009 at the Global Lincoln conference held at the University of Oxford. Here are some of its reviews:

“Richard Carwardine and Jay Sexton have done a splendid job of assembling a broad and enriching collection of essays that explore Lincoln’s influence. Even for those with no background in the cottage industry of Lincoln studies, these sharp and insightful pieces are accessible. Scholars interested in new advances within the field will find the contents invaluable, especially a bibliography of Lincoln biographies published outside the United States .This volume is a welcome addition to the shelf of any reader interested in Abraham Lincoln (man and myth), America’s role within the world, or memory, media and politics on a global scale.” —American Historical Review

“This is a pathbreaking book.  In delineating the presence and stature of an international Lincoln, it shows us that as the world grows smaller, our national histories tend to coalesce, and that a broader historical horizon is taking shape.”-Douglas L. Wilson, Lincoln Studies Center



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