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Teach hopeLincoln’s Global Message: A Remix of Lincoln’s 1842 Temperance Speech

Although the temperance movement does not hold sway in the 21st century, Lincoln’s advice to those who want to help the addicted still speaks to the world today through his Washington Temperance Society Speech delivered in 1842. His advice to reformers of the 19th century was:

“A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall.”

lincoln-address1So, on a Sunday afternoon in the rural countryside of Oregon, eleven students, including two foreign exchange students from France and Mexico, gave new life to Lincoln’s speech. Remixing his words into a global message, the students selected phrases from Lincoln’s temperance speech and wrote a global “poem” that reflects his resolve of character, his comprehension of the power of compassion, and his love for people different from himself. 

Special notes and thanks:

  • All the student-actors live in a one mile radius of the “big red barn.”
  • Many thanks to Camille Manger for the use of her property with the “big red barn.”
  • Many thanks to Susy Beck, Stacy Hanley, Cathy Bartow, Christine Mckinley, Kristeen Weiss and Lori Young for raising such wonderful kids. (Ms. Mac is so lucky and honored to be or to have been their teacher!)


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