Where in the World is Abraham Lincoln?

Webquest: Where in the World is Abraham Lincoln?

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“Over the course of Lincoln’s adult life, he spent time in London, Berlin, Athens, Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam, Florence, Naples, Cadiz, Geneva, Petersburg, and even Palestine. These were American towns and cities, mostly in the Midwest,…Lincoln never crossed the Atlantic.”[i]

Lincoln may not have traveled the globe, but his impact has reached every corner of the the world. How has Lincoln’s legacy has been analyzed, interpreted and reinterpreted in national and local contexts in places such as Ghana, China, England, Liberia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Russia, Italy, Japan, Latin America, Spain and Wales?

The Task

Using the google map, “Where in the World is Abraham Lincoln,” you will be traveling four continents to explore Lincoln’s global impact. So, put on your stovepipe hat and pack your favorite Lincoln memories so you can discover a new world of Lincoln!

The Process

Using the worksheet, Worksheet for Where Where in the World is Abraham Lincoln?, you will answer four questions:

  1. Where did you go?
  2. Was the hyperlink a primary or secondary source?
  3. What did you learn new about Lincoln?
  4. How did Lincoln impact the person or place you visited?
The Product
In groups of four and using “google docs,” your team will create a “Facebook page” of Lincoln’s travels.

[i] Carwardine, Richard and Sexton, Jay, editors. The Global Lincoln (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011), 32.

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