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Abraham-LincolnThis webpage was created to explore the global legacy of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States.  Lincoln became an admired global figure during his life, but after 1865, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George explained, Lincoln “lost his nationality in death.”

Lincoln never traveled outside of the United States, yet he met, communicated with, and influenced people internationally from world leaders to ordinary folks. After his death, people around the world embraced all aspects of his being, from his humble beginnings to his inspirational words. Lincoln wanted to make his mark on the world; this website proves he fulfilled that ambition.

San-Marino-Abramo-Lincoln-1959-bday-150“Global Lincoln” is designed to provide a journey through time, to travel the world and to visit places and people who were inspired by Lincoln’s life story, Lincoln’s ideals, and most importantly, Lincoln’s words. Its contents is intended not just for the classroom teacher or the inquisitive student, but also for those who love to learn and love the scholarship that surrounds Lincoln.

lincoln-stampThis “Global Lincoln” website was created as a mulitmedia project for a graduate course titled “Understanding Lincoln,” offered by the partnership of Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and Dickinson College. Matthew Pinsker, distinquished Lincoln scholar, guided participants through one hundred fifty of Lincoln’s most teachable documents, helping to promote “the study and love of American History” and “alter the landscape of Lincoln scholarship.”  



This website was created by Lois MacMillan, a Nationally Board Certified teacher in her twenty-seventh year in education, has been teaching eighth grade United States history at South Middle School in Grants Pass, Oregon since 2000. In 2006, she was honored to be Oregon’s Gilder Lehrman Institute History Teacher of the Year. Since then, she has become a master teacher for Gilder Lehrman Institute, where she facilitates teacher workshops on literacy strategies using historical documents and coordinates summer teacher seminars, including “Age of Lincoln” with Richard Carwardine, “Slave Narratives in American Literature” with David Blight, “Civil War: Origins and Consequences” with Gary Gallagher, “Lewis and Clark” with Elliott West, and “Founding Era” with Richard Brookhiser. She also works for James Basker’s OxBridge Academic Programs in England in the summers. She is thankful for the guidance from Professor Matthew Pinsker in this website. 




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